The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a world famous way of eating that’s based on the traditional cuisines of the Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy etc. The core of the Mediterranean diet is the consumption of plant based fat like olive oil, of many portions of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, the use in cooking plenty of herbs, spices, seeds and cereals.

A typical Mediterranean diet meal is consisted of vegetables, legumes, and sometimes also includes fish, seafoods, dairy and poultry products and rarely red meat and processed sweets.

Furthermore makes the Mediterranean diet unique is that the EU producers apply the best sustainable production methods according to the EU regulations and implement a very strict frame of the highest food safety and quality criteria during the whole production process to make sure that each product is as quality and delicious as it should be.

Countries with great tradition and gastronomy wealth are without any doubt Greece and Italia, two countries with great production in olive oil, dairies and all the other products that consist the Mediterranean diet.

In the frame of the above the EU Financed campaign “EU SUSTEM” aims to promote the high quality European PDO/PGI Mediterranean products to consumers in Germany, Italy and Sweden in order to increase their awareness and consumption.

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