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Quality, progress, trusting relations!

At GALAXY – Mavidou & Sons OE we have been creating products that stand out for their quality and tastiness for more than half a century, while always staying true to consumers and the Greek diet.

In the hands of the second generation, the company has transformed into a modern production unit covering an area of 2000m2, drawing on its experience while always looking to the future. The values passed on to us are still our main philosophy.

Thanks to a vertically integrated production facility, we ensure excellent quality and meet our customers’ needs quickly and reliably. We have a vertically integrated production unit for plastic packaging materials, which means that 95% of the materials we use for bottling are produced in-house.

In May 2022, the investment in the plastics production department was completed,resulting in the reduction in weight of the lemon & vinegar bottles, thus saving up to 30 tons of plastic annually. Our company’s contributions to the recycling system until February 2022 match the data of the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation SA.

The target for 2023 is the construction of a photovoltaic system for autoproduction and energy saving.
Episkopi, Naoussa
59200, Greece
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VAENI Naoussa Co-op

The VAENI Naoussa Co-op is one of the most highly progressive wine-producing units in Greece. It is a giant producer representing 50% of the local wine production, which comes from an area renowned for its exquisite red wines. The co-operative counts 200 members -experienced vine growers- who are driven by their profound love for quality wines. That vital human factor, combined with the use of advanced technology, can guarantee the quality of the wine, which is mainly sourced from Xinomavro, an indigenous variety dominating northern Greece.

Naoussa has always been associated with the vine and has been renowned for its exquisite wines. The soils, the water and the climate have always been an ideal combination for the cultivation of the greatest grape varieties. This vine-growing tradition traces back to the old ages. Its excellent wine travels allover the civilized world. Well-structured and precious, this wine justifies its reputation. In October 1987 in Rome, Naoussa was pronounced an International Town of Vine and Wine.

Xinomavro PDO

Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of wine types: red, white, rose. The name Xinomavro is a conjunction and derives from the Greek words for "acid" and "black" which refer to the grape's inherent high acidity and dark colour.

The above characteristics combined with the method of vinification and ageing, can produce exceptional wines with a sophisticated personality.
Thessaloniki, Greece
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High quality of many rice varieties

EURICOM HELLAS was established in February 1998 in Halastra and their facilities are among the largest in Europe, with an annual capacity which exceeds the Greek domestic production.

Specifically, EURICOM HELLAS is specialized in whitening processing and packaging of rice. The industrial unit is fully automated with the most modern machinery processing and quality control. Its production capacity is 500 tons per day.

Every year at the end of September we begin to collect the new crop by carefully examining a plethora of samples of all rice varieties grown in Greece, until we reach the ones that meet the quality standards and give the desired result.

Creating long-term partnerships with the producers developed by Euricom Hellas ensures the required quality characteristics and origin of the raw material.

To ensure the quality of products, we follow an integrated quality control system in accordance with international standards. Our specialized staff monitors production at all stages, while checking the produced items on a daily basis.

The aim of rigorous standards and strict controls is to ensure the health and safety of the consumer as well as the quality of the taste.
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Superior Quality - Sustainability - Delicious Flavor

The company FARMA CHALASTRAS S.A. is active in the field of Meat Marketing and Meat Processing since 1997. During these years, the slaughterhouse unit has been established in 2001 and since then aalso has been developed the following activities: Cold cut Production Neutralization Unit, Incineration Unit, the Biogas Unit. Today the company through an extended sales network all over Greece , offer the opportunity to customers to find her products to over 200 selected stores and sales points.

The company FARMA CHALASTRAS S.A. constantly oriented focusing on consumer’s satisfaction, select only high quality Greek meats. Our products contain a minimum amount of salt and are gluten-free, creating a unique consumer-product relation.

Finally in the frame of the sustainable approach on production the company aims to expand her activities in the field of renewable energy soucres. The company is composed by an animal by-product sterilizaton unit as well as a high capacity pasteurization unit. All materials are led to an anaerobic digestion plant. This biological process simultaneously results in no-pollution and energy production in the form of biogas.

The produced biogas ends up in a combined heat and power (CHP) unit. The gas engine has a capacity range of 1 MWel. The objective of this project is a fully automated operation along with the optimum temperature, mixing and feeding conditions. The company’s goal is to further expand the facility to a capacity of 3 MWel.
N. Magnisia
57008, Greece
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The Greek Antipasti

We produce a variety of antipasti products – appetizers (stuffed peppers with cheese, cherry, bell pepper, macedonian green pepper, honey pepper), mushrooms, artichokes, etc. Also Greek olives, (green, kalamon, black, whole, pitted and stuffed).

Our products are exported to various countries. Our philosophy is based on the combination of quality and innovation in order to satisfy the needs of the consumers by offering products of excellent quality.

The company applies FSSC 22000, ISO 22000 food hygiene and safety system. Our vision is to keep offering high quality products of traditional as well as international flavors, with a delicious Greek touch.
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